Ultherapy vs thermage

One of the most common comparison that people made is with regards to ultherapy vs thermage. While both treatments are aimed at tightening the facial skin, their process is rather different. In this article, we will take a look at how the two treatment differs from each other.

On average, the reviews for ultherapy all more positive than thermage. In a survey of 217 reviews on realself.com, only 41% of the patients said that this treatment was worth the money. However, for ultherea treatments, 89% of 54 reviews said that ultherapy is effective and and has helped them to achieve skin tighten.

How ultherapy works

Ulthera uses ultrasound as the basis for its technology. These micro sound waves are aimed at the muscle layer of the patient, which is helpful for patients who have mild to moderate deep laxity but are not suitable for surgery. A very strong feature of this system is that there is a visualisation software that can help doctors to see where the sound waves are hitting the muscle. This helps them to arrange for a more targeted treatment. This explains why the treatment is generally effective as doctors are able to control preciously where it is applied to.

How thermage works

Thermage uses radio frequency rather than ultrasounds. It is currently under its third version after it was first launched after 7-8 years ago. Its main problem, as mentioned above, is hte igh dissatisfaction rate from patients as well as being more painful than ultherapy.

Ultherapy has only been recently approved by the FDA in late 2009. However, it has been used Europe and Asia before the approval with very positive results. This new treatment was also recently being reviewed on many mass media channels including Dr Oz and the Doctors.


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