Is ultherapy suitable for old people over 50?

There are many old folks who like to know if ultherapy is suited for their face. In general, the answer is NO as ultherapy is generally suited for people with healthier skin condition. That being said, if you are over 50 or even 60 but has good condition skin, ultherapy is suitable for you as well.

How ultherapy works is by sending focused ultrasound into the collagen layers of your skin so as to stimulate their growth, which in turn will result in a tighter looking skin. As we aged, the amount of collagen in our facial area decreases so there is less ‘amount’ of collagen for the ultrasound to work with.

If you are over 50 and wants to consider ultherapy, below are the conditions whereby ultherapy treatment can yield the best results in terms of tightening your skin. Kowing these will help you to set the right expectations when you decided on the treatment after reading through all the ultherapy reviews.

  • Dropping eyes: When you noticed that your eyes are starting to dropp, this is the best time to seek ultherapy treatment while the extent of the dropping is not too serious.
  • Jowls are forming: If you already have deep jowls then ultherapy might not be the most ideal procedure as this means the collagen level under your skin is already diminished. This is probably due to overexposure to the sun when you are younger.
  • Double chin is forming: Again, a modest double chin means that there is still sufficient collagen level for ultherapy to be effective.

The above are guidelines to tell you if an older person is suited for ulterapy treatment. I would strongly recommend you to see your cosmetic surgeon and get a test of the condition of your skin. That is the best way to tell if ultherapy is still effective for you.

Ultherapy before and after photos to show you real results

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Here are a set of ultherapy before and after photos of patients who have went the ultherapy treatment. We also provided some contact info and ulthera prices from the clinic that performed the procedure. This will enable you to contact the top ultherapy clinics that are near to the area which you are living.

Name of clinic: Monarch Bay Laser
Address: 31852 Pacific Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Telephon: 949.954.5764

Currently, Dr Daniel C. Mills, MD is the first physicians in the country and the only physician in Orange County to offer the Ultherapy™ procedure. The results of his work on be seen in the following before and after images of ultherapy. The picture shows how ultherapy can be used to treatment the forehead and eye area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles:

Name of clinic: Facial Surgery Center of Seattle
Address: 509 Olive Way, Suite 1331 Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: 206.624.0852

This set of photos show the before and after photos of ultherapy being used in the lower facial or chin area. The photos clearly show that the fine lines have been reduced after the ulthera treatment has been applied.

Name: DermaSpa
Address: 3701 South Clarkson Suite 400, Englewood, CO 80113
Tel: 303-720-7331

Due to the gentle nature of ulthera treatment, it can be used on the area surrounding the eyes as well. When used, it can be help to remove the crow and fine lines around the eye. This is good for people who are aging or are used to working late nights.

Our recommendation for best ultherapy clinics in san jose

After the previous article on ultherapy san diego, some readers reflected back to us that it was really useful for them. Hence, we are doing a similar piece today that focuses on the best ultherapy clinics in san jose. Again, we are using for your information as it is one of the most comprehensive sites out there on real information and reviews about ultherapy treatments.

Name of clinic: California Skin Institute
Address: 2420 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, California 95124
Office: (408) 369-5600
Fax: (408) 558-7949

The review for the treatment was not very favourable. This particular patient have found the treatment to be painful and she has not seen any results from it yet, although the doctors had told her to wait for another 3 months to see the full effects of the ulthera treatment. The cost of her ultherapy treatment was around USD2700.

In summary, the review of the clinic can be summarized in her own words as: “An RN did the Ulthera procedure but the doctor told me he would make sure I was happy with the results one way or another.”

Name of clinic: Mittelmen Plastic Surgery Centre
Address: Mittelman Plastic Surgery Center, 810 Altos Oaks Dr. • Los Altos, California 94024
P. 650.941.8888 • F. 650.386.6800

The name of the doctor responsible for the plastic surgery centre is Dr Harry Mittelman, M.D. He is a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon and for the past 20 years, has providing his services to patients living around the Peninsula and Southbay, including Los Altos, Palo Alto, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the entire Bay Area. He is also the recipient of the the Mark Rafaty Award, given by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery for his contribution to the field of cosmetic surgery. For more information about Dr Mittelman, you can check out his blog at

Below is a ultherapy before and after photos from Dr Mittelmen’s clinic to give you a look at how effective the treatment is.

Ultherapy clinics in san diego

In this article, we will provide you with a listing of the best ulthera clinics that are located in san diego california. We took our results by studying all the reviews that are found in the site. We went through each review to assess which ultherapy clinics has given the reviewers the best results and the cheapest rate. If you are looking for ultherapy doctors in san diego, why not take a look at some of the suggestions below:

Name of clinic: Nowak Aesthetics
Address: 2440 Fenton Street Suite 101, Chula Vista, CA 91914
Phone: +1-619-651-9649

Nowak Aesthetics is one of the first clinic that offer ultherapy treatment to folks living in San Diego. The two doctors taking charge of the treatments are Dr. Eugene Nowak and Ron Colunga, PA-C. You can seem them talking about ultherapy in the youtube below:

According to the website, a single treatment of ulthera is sufficient to see the results. Of course, they advice on more sessions to really see a significant change in the appearance of your look.

If you like to know the reviews of their service, below is an youtube video from one of their patients:

An excerpt of the video has also been attached for your reading in case you have no time to watch the video:

“I was introduced to Dr. Nowak through a personal friend of mine and I was so impressed with what he was able to do for her. I’m 64 and surgery is not something that I really wanted, what I want is a natural look. I just completed my procedure for Ultherapy – pretty amazing!””

Name of clinic: Goldman Butterwick Fitzpatrick & Groff
Address: 9339 Genesee Avenue, Ste. 300, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 858.657.1002

Another clinic in san diego that is offering ul therapy treatment is Goldman Butterwick Fitzpatrick & Groff.

The doctors who are avabilable in this clinic can be seen above:

Unfortunately, there were no reviews on whether the services provided are good. If any of the readers do have an experience with this clinic, please contact us to tell us your views.

Ultherapy vs thermage

One of the most common comparison that people made is with regards to ultherapy vs thermage. While both treatments are aimed at tightening the facial skin, their process is rather different. In this article, we will take a look at how the two treatment differs from each other.

On average, the reviews for ultherapy all more positive than thermage. In a survey of 217 reviews on, only 41% of the patients said that this treatment was worth the money. However, for ultherea treatments, 89% of 54 reviews said that ultherapy is effective and and has helped them to achieve skin tighten.

How ultherapy works

Ulthera uses ultrasound as the basis for its technology. These micro sound waves are aimed at the muscle layer of the patient, which is helpful for patients who have mild to moderate deep laxity but are not suitable for surgery. A very strong feature of this system is that there is a visualisation software that can help doctors to see where the sound waves are hitting the muscle. This helps them to arrange for a more targeted treatment. This explains why the treatment is generally effective as doctors are able to control preciously where it is applied to.

How thermage works

Thermage uses radio frequency rather than ultrasounds. It is currently under its third version after it was first launched after 7-8 years ago. Its main problem, as mentioned above, is hte igh dissatisfaction rate from patients as well as being more painful than ultherapy.

Ultherapy has only been recently approved by the FDA in late 2009. However, it has been used Europe and Asia before the approval with very positive results. This new treatment was also recently being reviewed on many mass media channels including Dr Oz and the Doctors.


Best ultherapy in los angeles

This is listing for the best reviewed ultherapy clinics in los angeles area. While the list is small right now, we will be building up on it over time as we continuous look for real and recent patient reviews for this new face tightening treatment. If you know of any reviews that deals with ultherapy clinics in los angeles, please let us know.

Name of doctor or clinic: Dr Carlo Honrado

Background: Graduated in Magna Cum Laude with a medical degree from the State University of New York, Health Science Center in Brooklyn, and followed that with two years of General Surgery at the St. Vincent’s Medical Center and at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Address: 2080 Century Park East Suite 1700, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Tel: (310) 201-0717

Reviews: The patient find the treatment to be rather painful although it was not something that was unbearable. She endured through the pain and continue with the procedure which saw immediate results. Overall, she said that her appearance has improved and that she can clearly see how her one eye brow is in line with the other.


How much is ultherapy

Here is a price guide on the prices of ultherapy. We took the price data from and pick the cheapest ultherapy treatment in the different cities and states. Before going into what is the cost of ultherapy, we will list down the factors that determine the cost.

  • Location: This is one of the most important factors in influencing the price of ulthera treatments. Larger cities that are more expensive tend to have higher ultherapy prices than smaller cities. for example ultherapy los angeles will be more expensive than ultherapy in Houston or atlanta.
  • Amount of work: The more areas that need the treatment, the more you have to pay.
  • Experience of the surgeon: the more experienced the surgeon is, the higher the premium that you have to pay.

After understanding the factors, you will then be in a better position to understand how prices work.

Average cost of ultherapy

The average price of ultherapy, according to, is around USD2,600. This number of course will depend on the location as stated above. Below is a listing of prices according to the cities:

Cheap ultherapy cost in new york city
Price: USD2900
Clinic: Not Disclosed

Cheap ultherapy cost in San Antonio
Price: USD3800 (includes sculptra and botox)
Doctor: Suresh Koneru, MD
Address: 423 Treeline Park, Ste 300, San Antonio, TX 78209

Cheap ultherapy cost in Los Angeles
Price: USD2500
Doctor: Carlo Honrado, M.D.
Address: 1055 Saw Mill Run Road, Suite 101 Ardsley, NY 10502

Cheap ultherapy cost in Grand Rapids, MI
Price: USD3000
Doctor: Steven L. Ringler, MD
Address: 2680 Leonard Street NE , Suite Four Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Cheap ultherapy cost in portland
Price: USD2600
Doctor: Douglas J. Key, MD
Address: 9555 SW Barnes Rd, Ste 390, Portland, OR 97225

Cheap ultherapy cost in Seattle
Price: USD1500
Doctor: Wayne F. Larrabee, MD
Address: 600 Broadway, Suite 280 Seattle, WA 98122

We will uncover cheap ultherapy prices in other cities in our future posts.

How long does ultherapy last

How long does ultherapy last depends on a number of factors. On average, this non surgical skin tightening treatment will last for around two to three years. The actual mileage will vary according to:

  • the condition of your skin. Good skin tends to see a longer lasting period for ultherapy treatment.
  • a healthy lifestyle will ensure that the treatment lasts longer. If you eat healthier, exercise regularly and avoid late nights, the ulthera treatment can definitely last for three years.
  • smoking or excessive alcohol can shorten the effects of ultherapy. Avoid or reduce the intake of these items if possible.

In the previous article on what is ultherapy, we touch upon how ultherapy works. To summarize, this new skin tightening treatment uses ultrasound to stimulate the growth of collagen underneath our skin to reduce fine lines and tighten the skin. The soundwaves will be delivered to both the skin and the foundation layer beneath it. Doing so will ensure that the treatment is more effective.

Is ultherapy safe

A related question to how long does ultherapy last is the issue of safety. Actually, ultherapy can be safer than your usual surgical approaches to skin tightening such as face lift. There is no downtime and no danger of leaving any surgery scars. Patients can in fact return to their daily activities after the treatment.

How long do I see the results of ultherapy

Given that collagen reproduction takes times, the full results of the treatment will not be immediately visible. On average, the treatment will take about 2-3 months for the collagen stimulation to take full effect. Once that happens, you will see a much tighter skin being formed.

On average, most people who have undergo this treatment have found the treatment to be worth the money. This is why most patients do not mind going back for their second treatment.

What is ultherapy How does ultherapy work

Ultherapy treatment is a new form of treatment for skin tightening and eye lifting. The name of the actual device being used is called ulthera. If you want to know how ultherapy works, below is a simple guide that you can follow and read on.

The ulthera device uses ultrasound technology as the basis of its skin tightening solution. What happens is that the device will send a concentrated burst of ultrasound to the targeted area. Several bursts of ultrasound will be sent. The first wave will target the deep foundational layer of the skin while the second wave will be sent to the skin itself. What these sound waves will cause the tissues to contract and the body to create new collagen. For this technique to be effective, the right amount of ultrasound will need to be delivered and this is what ultherapy can deliver.

The power of ulthera is that it can reach both layers of the skin without doing any damage to both. This is what gets patients excited as it means a faster recovery period, a less painful experience and a more effective solution.

Patients will sense a warm feeling when these soundwaves reach your body. It will not be painful but there will definitely be a warm sensation around the target area. However, if the fatty areas are around your bones, the discomfort might be stronger. This period of discomfort will be short as there is no downtime for ultherapy treatment.

What you can do to maximise your comfort depends on the clinic. You need to ask the doctor on what will be used during the treatment. It can be anything from relaxation techniques to cooling fans and stress balls to medications. These additional techniques will help you to feel more comfort before and after the procedure.


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